FIFA World Cup tournament

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    Sexta-Feira, 00:00 - Sábado 23:00 GMT

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    Welcome to the FIFA World Cup tournament with a generous bankroll of 50000 EUR, which takes place from June 1st (00:00 GMT 0) through June 30th (23:59 GMT 0) 2018! The prize fund will be shared among the top 100 players from the leaderboard who collect the most points throughout the tournament. The main prize of the tournament is two tickets to the final match of the World Cup (the total value of each ticket is 10000 EUR) which include: the best available Category 1 match ticket, entrance to a shared hospitality area close to the stadium, buffet-style catering before and after the match, prepared in accordance with the highest standards, premium bar service before and after the match, commemorative gift, dedicated welcome area with hostesses, parking. The minimum bet size for the tournament is $0.5 (or your account currency equivalent) per spin. The tournament runs on a «max winnings rate» and a «win streak» formula. The «Max winnings rate» formula means that a player gets 0 points for each x0 to x1 win, 1 point for each x1 to x3 win, 5 points for each x3 to x7 win, 20 points for each x7 to x15 win, 75 points for each x15 to x30 win, 150 points for each x30 to x75 win, 300 points for each x75 to x100 win, and 999 points for winning more than x100. The «Win streak» formula means that a player gets 1 point for 1 win, 3 points for 2 wins in a row, 7 points for 3 wins in a row, 15 points for 4 wins in a row, 50 points for 5 wins in a row and 150 points for 6 wins or more in a row. The maximum number of winnings within a streak series is taken into account when points reward is calculated. Points received for «max winnings rate» and «win streak» formulas are summed up. The more points you collect, the higher your position in the leaderboard will be. The “Booster” option is enabled in this tournament. Booster is a feature which allows a player to collect more points throughout the tournament. Booster is enabled automatically when a player who obtains higher position in the leaderboard than you becomes “not active”. A player is assumed to be “not active” if more than 15 minutes have passed since his last bet was made in any of the tournament games. In such cases a player who is next to him in the leaderboard receives booster which allows to earn 50% more points. Moreover, a player can receive additional points multiplication if he bets more than the minimum tournament bet required when the booster is enabled. The more you bet, the more points you receive with your booster. The color indicators are enabled in the leaderboard next to player’s nickname which change the color depending on player’s status and booster availability: grey - not active, blue (last bet was made no more than 15 minutes ago), green – super active (last bet was made less than 30 seconds ago), red – booster enabled. If several players collect the same amount of points the player who collected them first will be considered as a winner. The cash equivalent of the main prize is not available. If the winner of the main prize is not willing to use tickets to the final game of the FIFA World Cup, the casino administration reserves its right to dispose tickets at its own discretion. In such case, the participant who has achieved the top position of the leaderboard and declined the tickets will receive only 5,000 EUR as a cash prize. All cash prizes will be automatically deposited on participants' accounts as a bonus with a wagering requirement of x3 shortly after the end of the tournament. The casino administration reserves its right to change the terms and conditions of the tournament at any time and without notification. In case of any kind of violation, an attempt of abuse, or manipulation through abuse or circumvention of the accepted Company Terms, the administration may, at its sole discretion, deny the participant from the event.


    1500000 PB
    2500000 PB
    3300000 PB
    4200000 PB
    5150000 PB
    6125000 PB
    7100000 PB
    897500 PB
    995000 PB
    1092500 PB
    1190000 PB
    1287500 PB
    1385000 PB
    1482500 PB
    1580000 PB
    1677500 PB
    1775000 PB
    1872500 PB
    1970000 PB
    2067500 PB
    2165000 PB
    2262500 PB
    2360000 PB
    2457500 PB
    2555000 PB
    2652500 PB
    2750000 PB
    2850000 PB
    2950000 PB
    3050000 PB
    3150000 PB
    3245000 PB
    3345000 PB
    3445000 PB
    3540000 PB
    3640000 PB
    3740000 PB
    3840000 PB
    3940000 PB
    4040000 PB
    4135000 PB
    4235000 PB
    4335000 PB
    4435000 PB
    4535000 PB
    4630000 PB
    4730000 PB
    4830000 PB
    4930000 PB
    5030000 PB
    5125000 PB
    5225000 PB
    5325000 PB
    5425000 PB
    5525000 PB
    5625000 PB
    5725000 PB
    5825000 PB
    5925000 PB
    6025000 PB
    6120000 PB
    6220000 PB
    6320000 PB
    6420000 PB
    6520000 PB
    6620000 PB
    6720000 PB
    6820000 PB
    6920000 PB
    7020000 PB
    7115000 PB
    7215000 PB
    7315000 PB
    7415000 PB
    7515000 PB
    7615000 PB
    7715000 PB
    7815000 PB
    7915000 PB
    8015000 PB
    8110000 PB
    8210000 PB
    8310000 PB
    8410000 PB
    8510000 PB
    8610000 PB
    8710000 PB
    8810000 PB
    8910000 PB
    9010000 PB
    915000 PB
    925000 PB
    935000 PB
    945000 PB
    955000 PB
    965000 PB
    975000 PB
    985000 PB
    995000 PB
    1005000 PB


    1 x2 FIFA World Cup final VIP tickets
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