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    Zasady turnieju

    Get lucky in the weekly roulette tournament! Bet on Red, black or zero and collect winnings on your way to the main prize of 10.000 comp points! The tournament runs on a “max winnings rate” formula, which means that a player gets 0 points for each x0 to x2 win, 1 point for each x2 to x3 win, 5 points for each x3 to x6 win, 20 points for each x6 to x9 win, 50 points for each x9 to x12 win, 100 points for each x12 to x18 win, 200 points for each x18 to x36 win, 500 points for winning x36. The more points you collect, the higher your position in the leaderboard will be. The leader board will be displayed while you play on the right and also at this very page during and after the end of tournament. If several players collect the same amount of points the player who collected them first will be considered as a winner. All prizes will be automatically deposited on participants' accounts as comp points immediately after the end of the tournament. The casino administration reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the tournament at any time and without notification. In case of any kind of violation, an attempt of abuse, or manipulation through abuse or circumvention of the accepted Company Terms, the administration may, at its sole discretion, deny the participant from the event.


    110000 PC
    27500 PC
    35000 PC
    44500 PC
    54000 PC
    63500 PC
    73000 PC
    82500 PC
    92200 PC
    102000 PC
    111700 PC
    121700 PC
    131700 PC
    141700 PC
    151700 PC
    161700 PC
    171700 PC
    181700 PC
    191700 PC
    201700 PC
    211500 PC
    221500 PC
    231500 PC
    241500 PC
    251500 PC
    261500 PC
    271500 PC
    281500 PC
    291500 PC
    301500 PC
    311200 PC
    321200 PC
    331200 PC
    341200 PC
    351200 PC
    361200 PC
    371200 PC
    381200 PC
    391200 PC
    401200 PC
    411200 PC
    421200 PC
    431200 PC
    441000 PC
    451000 PC
    461000 PC
    471000 PC
    481000 PC
    491000 PC
    501000 PC

    Wyniki turniejów

    poniedziałek, czerwiec 11, 2018 23:00 GMT

    7500 PC

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    10000 PC

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    5000 PC

    nazwa gracza: 
    nazwa graczawyniknagroda
    4xxmiyax39824500 PC
    5vitek666629044000 PC
    6mujljluoh28563500 PC
    7kotoh77725103000 PC
    8sh016424952500 PC
    9rena_49821472200 PC
    10georgiegora19022000 PC
    11ikuma17381700 PC
    12ramiz713781700 PC
    13nastya94912951700 PC
    14999186389112731700 PC
    15makprofit12501700 PC
    16toritsin11871700 PC
    17bootlegger10421700 PC
    18kris0009871700 PC
    19zuuuubr9511700 PC
    2019djek19789451700 PC
    21delema9161500 PC
    22loreli6751500 PC
    23parluha6721500 PC
    24alex066606471500 PC
    25vladok19995301500 PC
    26bonusden5181500 PC
    27kyousuke165151500 PC
    nazwa graczawyniknagroda
    28vladimirfek5041500 PC
    29matepoe5001500 PC
    30igoremba3961500 PC
    31a.kryl.903821200 PC
    32alexfull3781200 PC
    33fen17013761200 PC
    34evgeha7773651200 PC
    35muxapro3561200 PC
    36makarich3561200 PC
    37songbird3531200 PC
    38belvik3481200 PC
    39garbushka3451200 PC
    40evgen312783411200 PC
    41dimmagio3391200 PC
    42xostil3371200 PC
    43000000003361200 PC
    44artem_293341000 PC
    45peregar31832961000 PC
    46zorozorr2861000 PC
    47andreyrd2851000 PC
    48dimon228112761000 PC
    49kata21117772731000 PC
    50mihan882721000 PC
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