It’s really hard to say that Wild Turkey belongs to the family of traditional slot machines at Mostly, the eccentric and eclectic interface of this game is reminiscent of Aztecs, however our last guess is that it refers to the life of the tribe of savages. And wild turkeys they are! All characters in this exemplum of out-and-outer online casino slots can boast of beaks, wings, wonderful tails and plumages.

    In fact, the closer we examine this slot the more conspicuous is its savage-related appearance. Five reels are twisted of lianas and beautifully decorated with carved stones. Twenty paylines of the Wild Turkey video game can rapidly turn the lover of free slots into a well-to-do princeling. But before rushing for winnings look at a multicolor variety of the symbols: a warrior turkey, a female turkey, a quack doctor, a leader of the tribe and a shaman as the leader’s right hand. Additional symbols are represented by a 10JQKA set.

    With all the bonus symbols of this game you’re honored to investigate a splendid treasury of possible wins. During the Free Spin round, which traditionally can be activated here by landing several Scatter Symbols, the lover of online slots can hit a colossal multiplier, which power ranges from 5x to 10x. Thus, it is absolutely possible for the player to receive a gargantuan payout in this way. At, all winnings on casino games are made of fine gold!

    Also, it is essential that the online casino visitor focuses the attention on the special Wild Symbol that appears on the reels from time to time. According to the standards of online gambling, the Wild Symbol permits you to multiply every winning combination and, sometimes, hit a jackpot at the speed of sound. However, Wild Turkey is so captivating that it shouldn’t even have priceless wonders and cash prizes to catch your imagination. Taking into account the marvelous graphics of the Wild Turkey slot and its funny plot, it has all chances to become your favorite game in our online casino.