The brave followers of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft can now be fully satisfied because with Treasures of Tombs the hunt for antiquities is fairer and more promising than it ever was. This slot machines takes by surprise even the most experienced downy birds of tomb raiding, and the only thing the user should care about is whether he or she plays the right version of the game (with the bonus game in it). At, this masterpiece is bound to catch your attention!

    Treasures of Tombs could be decided as an absolute classic among online casino slots: it features nine paylines and five reels, which makes the game relatively simple and easily manageable. The player can choose if to play on all nine paylines or thin down the number of lines to five, three or one. The highest stake is unusually high as for free slots and reaches up to 4,500 units, although it would be wiser to keep the bet level between 800 and 2000.

    The graphical beauty of the game is a fresh departure in the industry of online gambling. The symbols include sphinxes, scarabs, Egyptian symbolics such as The Eye of Horus, pictures of explorers and standard face card images. Designers depicted the Wild Symbol as The Eye of Horus and also put into the game the special bonus symbol, which causes the avalanche of winnings. The version with the Super Bonus Game allows the visitors of online casino to discover the path to the hidden chamber if they are lucky enough to see three The Eye of Horus symbols in a row. The treasure room is paved with gold – and the expeditious player will receive a bagful of ancient coins (up to 5,000 coins) in this chamber.

    Treasures of Tombs at makes the collection of online slots perfectly complete. It is one of the best representatives of Egyptian-themed casino games. Whether the players are fancy to stick to the Free Spin feature, or seek their fortune with the possibility to win a super round, Treasures of Tombs won’t cast any Pharaohs’ curses on its explorers because the ancient Egyptian gods are generous and gracious in these days!