Sure thing, the creation of the Treasure Island was inspired by the famous R. L. Stevenson’s book and that’s the main reason why all voracious readers and admirers of online casino slots should try this slot machine ASAP. Nowadays, pirate battles captivate minds of visionaries and adventure seekers with renewed vigor. proposes to you an undreamt-of chance to visit the island full ofslot machines and fabulous riches since we feel you have your right to a personal adventure!

    The Treasure Island game plays out four rows on five reels and has a tasty morsel of forty paylines. The setting of the game contains the view of a tropical island and serene blue sky as well as the cliché music related to seafaring and piracy. The game’s symbols of low value are represented by standard card icons 10 and JQKA, whereas the high-value symbols are nicely depicted as the characters from the original story: Ben Gunn, wise and quiet Jim Hawkins and sly Long John Silver. The imprescriptible symbols of online slots – the Wild and Bonus symbols – are presented here as a TNT-barrel-wild, a cram-full treasure-chest-wild and the Treasure Island bonus, which is depicted as a nautical compass.

    All experts of free slots will be glad to learn that the main Pirate Attack feature occurs quite often and brings lots of profits. Every time it happens, two of the TNT barrel symbols, a pirate ship appears in the background and fires at the reels, making each Wild Symbol explode in all directions and transforming each ordinary symbol into a wild. However, the Treasure Island Bonus seems to be even more beneficial, since it allows the online casino visitor to select his or her own prizes, such as Free Spins, Treasure Hunt and Instant Win. Whether you feel lucky to have a fun with Free Spins or are ready to snatch away Wild Symbols from malicious pirates, Treasure Island at necessarily brings you the best online gambling experience. Try as many casino games as you please, but remember that there exists only one genuine Treasure Island!