Secret of the Stones is a 3-row, 5-reel video slot game with 25-bets. You will see free slots and Wild substitutions whose payouts are big. There are lots of levels in the game and the prize money only increases with every level. Out of all the slot machines, Secret of the Stones on has been featured higher than most of the other casino games of the same type. With a total of 25 bet lines and 10 bet levels along with coins having different values, the game gets even more interesting once someone learns the rules and tactics. In order to set the bet lines, you will have to choose the LINES option and the level of the bet is set using LEVEL selector. Similarly, in order to set a value for the coin, you will have to pick the COIN VALUE selector option. COINS option will show you the number of coins that are available to wager. MAX BET option is used to play the bet at 25 lines which is the highest level of bet.

    In most of the online casino slots games on, there is an AUTOPLAY option that will play the game for you for a particular number of rounds selected by you. All of the payouts, as well as the winning combinations are made using the PAYTABLE. In addition to that, you can always click different symbols on the reel which will allow you to view a mini PAYTABLE for the particular symbol picked by you. The level of bet is usually the number of coins that are placed per bet line. Usually, if someone wins a bet line in any online gambling game, then their winnings are shown in PAYTABLE and are multiplied by the level of the bet. In addition to that, if there are any multipliers which can be added, then they are also included in the figure. The same concept applies to most of the slot machine online slots based games on the website.