The Secret Code, a kind of online slot, is an appropriate place wherein the players get addicted to crack the code to win exclusive jackpot at the online casino. The game has been designed with 20 lines, which has free spins, scatters and bonus game.

    The remarkable engineering represents the best online gambling on the well designed slot machines. Hence, the Secret Code game will be considered as an exclusive gaining platform in the free slot.

    The game Secret Code includes 5 spinning reels and 25 lines that eventually make a shape of winning combination. Identifiably, Secret Code has an extra feature, which includes the bonus game, necessitating the players to gain bonus symbol through which the game will be automatically started.

    At the end of the game, the machine will certainly verify the combination symbols along with the play line, which will determine the prizes to be won. The game Secret Code can be duly considered as the perfect game slot for the new players in the context of online gambling.

    Secret Code includes a beautiful theme with mysterious secret code based on the movie and book ‘Da Vinci Code’, which provides an extra preference to it as compared to other casino games. The game Secret Code provides the players a secret base through which they can gain bonus points and rewards. The game, as it is based on the mysterious movie, the graphics has been remarkably designed with the incorporation of heavy sound effects.

    The main benefit of the online casino slot considers the bonus game, which entails exclusive prize offers. The Secret Code game has been designed by the Net Entertainment, which maintained the feel of vintage games in the online slots.

    Another beneficial factor of the Secret Code game is that it provides auto-play function. The slot machine at has emerged with an innovative and exciting game, which can entertain the players for hours with its extraordinary animation, melodious high-quality sound effects, and other related attractive facets.