Robin Hood: Shifting Riches is featured with 5 fixed reels, 3 spinning rows and 20 slot machines. Additionally, superior graphics, technical effects, great animation features, entertaining sounds and innovative reel shifting rejuvenate the online gambling experience that replace the traditional method of spinning the slot machines. In such online casino slots at, the players can bet a maximum of €100 and a minimum to be fixed at € 0.01. What are you waiting for?

    This online casino game is typically based on the popular protagonist named Robin Hood who helped the poor by robbing the riches. In this free slot on, when the players win a combination that gets stored in the right side, the curiosity and the interests of the players to spend their spare time on online gambling eventually gets increased at large. Accordingly, with continuous winning, the rewards of the players get increased by two, three and maximum five times.

    Robin Hood: Shifting Riches introduced a new feature in the online casino slots i.e. Money Bag in which the accumulated account balance of the players gets stored. Moreover, after collecting 4 bags of money, the players were given an option of free spins bonus. Using the free spins bonus in the free slots, the players can earn more bonuses and likewise raise the amount of their money bags.

    The treasures in the money bags were saved in Robin Hood: Shifting Riches game for one year after the last game played by the players. Additionally, in such sort of online casino slots, if the players get the symbol of free spins 3 times, then they are rewarded with 10 extra free spins, boosting their account balance. In this way, casino games like this enable the players to enjoy and win many consecutive gifts and prizes. Along with the features, as the story of Robin Hood are known to all, the game Robin Hood: Shifting Riches encourages the players to be part of it and experience great online casino features associated with the same.