The Groovy Sixties and splendid winnings

    Apparently, when it went to The Groovy Sixties the game developers from Net Entertainment decided not to beat around the bush but to talk cold turkey. There is nothing superfluous or inappropriate about the slot machine named The Groovy Sixties; only funny and well-known to all fancier of olden days things as well as a brilliant and non-troublesome soundtrack. Get down to this marvelous representative of the grooviest slot machines machinesat and receive a truckload of unforgettable impressions!

    Champion features in The Groovy Sixties

    All-in-all, nobody likes when the rules of a game smell a bit unhealthy; however, with The Groovy Sixties you are bereft of unthoughtfully written rules. There are symbols of low values, depicted as a JQKA set of card face icons, although it’s much better for the player of online slots to pay attention to ones of higher values. The most valuable symbols are as follows: a film projector, the famous VW Beetle, a pair of queer boots, lava lamps and a reel to reel sound system.

    Also, there are advanced bonuses and game features for those who are eager for something more taxing than hitting the ‘Spin’ button. The admirers of online casino slots will find out that The Groovy Sixties contain both the Wild Symbol depicted as the 1960 wording and the Scatter Symbol, which has an appearance of a young beauty. Well, those two bonus symbols allow the player to activate some great extras, namely:

    • the Stacked Wilds feature. Of course, there is nothing new for well-seasoned veterans of casino games: some wilds manage to hold together in order to bestow you with even more possibilities to accomplish a remunerative combination. Stack as many of them as you please and you surely will know what ‘an arm and a leg’ at means
    • indeed, no other feature has reached so high on the scale of sympathy of the online gambling community as the Free Spins round has. While many other innovative attributes of free slots were considered a flash in the pan, the Free Spins feature is one super opportunity once and for all. Grab lots of free-of-charge spins and multiplayers with The Groovy Sixties at our online casino and win a golden fortune!