Win a fortune with the Wonky Wabbits

    Traditionally, game developers from Net Entertainment put a lot of efforts in releasing shocking or enticing slot titles. Games and slot machines that attract a great deal of attention help them build a lot of hype – however, it hasn’t stopped them from delivering really tasty morsels of online slots despite all the expectation. Right now at we have this marvelous little gem named Wonky Wabbits and we invite all players to give it a try.

    Special things on the Wonky Wabbits

    First and foremost, Wonky Wabbits is a five-reel slot machine, which plot is built around many bizarre looking and lucrative rabbits. This is a game of wonder and all its colors and general impressiveness sends vibrations of a sure fire hit. As one might well guess, all the game symbols on those fifteen generous betting lines are rabbit-related: there is an array of vegetables – tomatoes, carrots, aubergines and corn cobs – and it seems that the developers didn’t care much about what our furry friends love to gnaw at and what they do not.

    However, as long as we have dealings with the stuffed toy rabbits rather than living ones we can also forget about their daily wants and proceed to the features, which are as follows:

    • The Wild symbol is represented here as an animated Wild logo. For those lovers of online casino slots who are eager to complete a fruity winning combination we recommend to add as many Wilds as it is possible – and you will see a rabbit bursting its head through the symbol.
    • Every lover of free slots can earn up to 390,000 golden coins with another Wild feature of Wonky Wabbits named the Wild Duplication. Add a Wild across the reels of this representative of casino games and watch how the symbol next to it will be substituted by another Wild. Obviously, the online casino visitors can grab a golden fortune provided they hit multiple Wild Symbols in any directions across the reels. Wonky Wabbits at would certainly be better with a free spins bonus round but the Wild Duplication feature also can bring a lot of pleasant moments and big cash prizes to online gambling experts.