Win a startling Jurassic Jackpot!

    What are the first associations that come to mind when we hear about dinosaurs? The incredible power and size – these are the symbols of a dinosaur era. Well, it seems that the creators of neoteric slot machines from Microgaming software provider think the same, thereby they have loaded this top-flight game with tremendously gigantic jackpots and great prizes. Forget about cutesy little free slots and casino games with scanty wins. A great collection of massive jackpots waits for you at, so harpoon them without hesitation!

    Nowadays, the main conceptual tendency, which is generally accepted by creators of online casino slots, states that games must contain as many paylines as possible. Unlike these online slots, the Jurassic Jackpot video game comprises one fixed payline and three spinning reels. Hence, it has very simple and comprehensible rules that permit gamblers to focus on prizes and wins, not on the sparkling buttons and irritating special effects. An online casino is all about big wins and lucky triumphs, and this game offers you the exact extract of this principle. Amid traditional bars and stars, we can discover silhouettes of gigantic prehistoric monsters, skulls of dinosaurs and authentic red flowers from the spectacular Spielberg’s movie. Doubtlessly, these emblems add more genuine atmosphere of original adventures in your personal game.

    Game modes and interesting peculiarities

    To collect all prizes fans of effective online gambling can switch between various game modes and even activate the special Game Logo.

    • The Bet One mode allows visitors of to automatically double all the bets with an eye to receiving doubled prizes.
    • The Game Logo symbol also has specific highly beneficial features. When appearing on the reels it rewards you with 2x or even 4x multipliers, allowing you to obtain greater bonuses and easing your path to the main, unthinkably great jackpot!