Enjoy profitable gaming with Jackpot Express

    The name is Jackpot Express, so what do you expect? The 3 reels and 5 payline slot machines manufactured by Microgaming, allow you to enjoy an amazing gold coin train theme. With the wild symbol and many other features, you will immerse profits while the train runs on its track. The game is all about a locomotive of retro fashion, with loads of coins to push profits into your pocket. There are many symbols that will help you to gather wealth here, and one of them is the train car which also stands as the most remarkable. Others are the normal 7’s and bars.

    One thing you will never take away from Microgaming is the fact that they will always take time to design the graphics and sounds for all their online slots. The same thing played out in the Jackpot Express online casino game. The graphics and colors are crisp clear and eye appealing, and the sound is perfect. You will enjoy the smoke that comes out from the train and the loud whistle you will be saluted with when you land your win. It is a game that will give you excitement.

    Winning features of Jackpot Express

    The pay table of Jackpot Express at casino-x.com is clearly set towards the right corner of your screen. You have the leverage to choose between different coin combinations like $.25 and $5, and the total wager is from $.25 up to $2. So, why haven’t you started online gambling yet? However, just like other online casino slots, Jackpot Express has some interesting features, and they include;

    • The wild symbol: This is represented by the wagon full of gold coins. It stands as the most valuable symbol in this casino. This symbol is worth up to 5000x of your stake. With this, any other icon can be substituted in the bid to make a winning combination. So, the majority of your winnings will depend on this.
    • Bet level: You must select the bet level with the + and - signs before you start playing.
    • It does not have the traditional special symbols that other casino games have, and this is a sign of how unique the game is.

    You can earn and master the game with the free slots version at casino-x.com before you move to the real money games.