Poker is one of the most common and popular games in the online casino gaming world. Yet another introduction to this game type is Jacks or Better which is introduced by Microgaming, a name known for introducing some amazing online slot machine games. The individuals who are interested in poker but do not know how to play, can go for Jacks or Better as it is easier to play. The players can easily learn the gaming strategies and move ahead to win huge amounts. All you need to do is to make perfect combination to make money.

    Gameplay of Jacks or Better

    The Jacks or Better is similar to the live casino game and is played using standard 52 cards. There is no such feature like wild cards in Jacks or Better. Shuffling of the cards is done before every deal. The players are required to draw 5 cards from the card denomination from 2 to Ace. There are a total of nine winning hands, of which, the players can get anyone to clear all bets. The winning hands include Royal Flush, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Flush, Full House, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs or of course a pair of Jacks, Straight or Better.

    The players can bet on the cards one by one or on the dealer’s card. The fifth card that the players get faced-up in the game is known as the river card. Though the winnings are fixed for each win, the players are also provided an opportunity to double their earnings by betting on the dealer’s card. The dealer’s card is faced-up and if the player selects a card that is more in value in comparison to the dealer card, he can just increase his earnings. The 1.25 minimum bet can be placed in the game which can increase up to a maximum of 5 coins.