There exist many legends that reels of the Ghost Pirates slot machine are full of eerie creaking sounds and whining of cursed long-perished pirate souls. However, other admirers of online casino slots also claim that this slot beats everyone’s expectations for lucky findings. All-in-all, this splendid exemplar of brilliant slot machines at combines captivating gameplay options and a mythical ominous atmosphere, and both these things make it a perfect choice for both greenhorns and sea sharks of online gambling.

    Well, one could see with an unaided eye that this game owes quite a lot to the movie series named Pirates of the Caribbean. In other aspects, though, there is nothing cheesy about this game: five standard reels and two hundred forty-three paylines with a built-in option that allows the fancier of online slots to choose between three, nine, twenty-seven or eighty-one bet lines. The deeper you go into the Ghost Pirates game the stranger things you see – and as the atmospheric sea wind is blowing, strange moving shadows and the queer symbols sneak into your soul like a gloomy draught.

    The lover of piratical stuff and casino games won’t see bothering card face symbols here. Quite the contrary, all things are ghostly and peculiar: a map and old compass, a grinning skull and crossbones, pistols, an anchor, a poisonous beverage and a bunch of weird characters, such as Polly the Paralytic Parrot, Mad Monkey the Suicide Bomber, One-Eyed Ed the Happy-go-lucky Fellow and Peggy Rotten the Decaying Pirate Girl. Additional symbols are a hated skull alias the Wild Symbol and a chest chock-a-block with treasures alias the Scatter Symbol.

    To accomplish any powerful winning combination the player must land more than three scatter symbols on the reels. All the combinations that are supplemented with the Wild Symbol permits the lucky beggar to triple the winning. At, even the most gloomy free slots like the Ghost Pirates game do nothing more terrible than enriching the gamblers with generous rewards!