With an impressive theoretical payout rate of 96.57%, Firestorm goes by mainly three steps which are immensely easy to comprehend. Firstly, you will have to pick the total bet and then spin the reel. After that, simply check the Win field for any amount which you have won in a particular round. This is perhaps one of the easiest slot machine amongst other online slots games that are available on casino-x.com and they come with free slots for beginners. You can check the winning combinations in a particular game by viewing the PAYTABLE and furthermore, use the FAST PLAY option to shorten the round. But yes, the duration of a particular game depends on the response time of the server and the bandwidth that is available.

    An AUTOPLAY option is given in Firestorm which allows the players to play a few rounds automatically without having to do anything. All you have to do is click on the AUTOPLAY option and pick the total number of rounds in order to initiate the autoplay feature. Once initiated, you will be able to view the remaining spin count towards the right side of the STOP button. Towards the bottom left side of the screen, you will notice a SPACE panel to make use of the SPACE bar to initiate spin rounds. The Splash Screen option comes up towards the beginning and allows you to choose whether the keep the Splash Screen on or not.

    In this online gambling game, you will have two different kinds of symbols namely Regular wild symbols and Bonus symbols. The former consists of all the symbols except the Bonus symbol whereas the latter constitutes all the other symbols. If we get two or more Bonus symbols in the game, then the Re-spin feature initiates. In case if the number of Bonus symbols goes up to 3, then the amount you win in the main game will be multiplied by 2 along with the initiation of Re-spin feature.

    There are lots of online casino games on casino-x.com that you can choose, but this is definitely one of the easiest ones to earn money.