Truly, not too much free slots proffer their players such a brilliantly thought-out atmosphere of a thrilling adventure as the Crime Scene slot machine does. In this marvelous example of spin-and-winslot machines, lots of unsolved riddles and secretive crimes wait for an audacious hero to unravel them. Grab your revolver and coat as there are so many fishy ventures on the unquiet streets of the Crime Scene video slot for you to put a stop to. And in order to assure you one more time that the good guys’ side is better, promises that Crime Scene comprises the most valuable prizes, of which players of other casino games can only dream about.

    All newly-fledged detectives will start playing on five reels and will try their luck with fifteen paylines that hide a great deal of winning opportunities. On the top of the screen we can see the game’s title printed on a police tape, and on the background there is a narrow street; thus, a broken window, littered pavement and a trash bin filled with garbage to capacity seem to indicate that quietness and orderliness are, probably, the least likely things somebody could expect to meet here. Nevertheless, the admirer on online casino slots will be necessarily provided with the following ammunition depicted as the symbols of Crime Scene: a handgun, infrared spectacles, and a shielded case.

    The rest of symbols are a footprint and ‘10’, ‘J’, ‘Q’, ‘K’ nicely chalked up on asphalt. Surely, the game features the very best attributes of the online gambling industry: the Bonus Symbol depicted as a set of fingerprints, whereas a shiny police badge functions as the Wild Symbol here. The latter is mainly useful for creating super-lucrative combinations and the set of fingerprints being at least, three in number can activate the Crime Scene bonus level.

    Primarily, in the bonus game the caller of the online casino will face thirty folders which contain ‘V’ and ‘X’ badges as well as Evidence Symbols and Red Crosses. Try to collect as many Red Crosses as you can with an eye to hit a substantial winning sum! As far as one can tell, in contrast to many dull online slots, Crime Scene at has dozens of things to discover!