Bubble Bonanza is a chain reaction casual slot game and it is quite different from the previous launches of Microgaming. Gamblers can relax and enjoy fun time by playing and winning up to 2000 free credits from the game. With the innovative graphics and the colorful interface, Bubble Bonanza is popular among all levels of players.

    Features and rules of the Bubble Bonanza game

    In this game you have to match three bubbles in a straight line to win a sizeable credit payout.

    As soon as you match a bubble grid on the slot machine, you will soon find another series of bubbles popping up.

    The bubbles will pop up as six at a time and you have to match 6X6 grid along the virtual pond to win some extra spin.

    The star is a bonus symbol which will boost up your wins and will let you enjoy up to 50 maximum bet.

    The canon is the wild of the game which will help you fire the pesky symbols like the triangle, which do not match on their own.

    You can use different combination of the scatter symbols in order to form a winning series of slots.

    Here, you can win huge credit bonuses and extra jackpot points by placing 0.1 minimum bet.

    Apart from offering some lucrative payouts, the Bubble Bonanza also comes with breathtakingly realistic interface of a wild lily pond. The game also comes with a 10X multiplier which will effectively, multiply your wins from the various winning combinations of the scatter symbols like crescent.

    In fact, with the smooth animation and the stunning graphics Bubble Bonanza offers a rewarding and also an enthralling Casino gaming experience to the avid gamers.