A good piece of advice for anybody who has never been to Japan: sometimes it’s not worth to go to the other end of the world just to find something you have under your very nose. We’re talking about the So Much Sushi video slot at casino-x.com, of course! Don’t forget to take along your favorite pair of chopsticks and be ready to grab as much food and winnings as you can carry out. Definitely, not too many slot machines could boast of such diversity of tasty features as the So Much Sushi slot do!

    All delicious bits are preparing on five reels and the lover of exotic dishes and online slots can create his or her hearty combination of choice with twenty-five paylines. All-in-all, the game puts us into a classic sushi bar where a soft light and a lovely soundtrack underlies the atmosphere of a great food culture. There are all elements of a traditional sushi set: California roll with tuna, classic sushi with tiger shrimp, gunkan with salmon eggs and avocado roll, whereas the symbols of lower value are represented by ‘10‘, ‘J’, ‘Q’, ‘K’, ‘A’ – all nicely pictured. In addition, the Scatter Symbol here is depicted as a bottle of soy sauce plus a saucer of wasabi and the So Much Sushi logo functions as the Wild Symbol.

    The primary bonus feature of this game is called the Much More Sushi Bonus and it present the player the possibility to arrange a winning combo from as many as twenty-five symbols. This is possible due to the ability of the symbols to split up to five times, thus providing the admirer of online casino slots an unheard-of chance to win his or her stake up to 640 times. Finally, the Free Spin feature also manages to beat its analogue in other free slots as it happens increasingly often proposing the online casino visitor from eight to sixteen Free Slots.

    Additionally, the Free Spin round supplies the fancier of online gambling with several multipliers, which power depends on exactly what amount of Free Spins are currently being played out. Thus, a top prize equals your base stake multiplied by 32,000. So Much Sushi at casino-x.com guarantees that there are no other casino games featuring advantages that delicious!