Dare to win with So Many Monsters!

    This extremely comical and, simultaneously, amazingly remunerative slot machine appertains to the newest generation of classy casino games created by Microgaming software provider. Thereby, as well as other crackerjack slot machines designed by this company, which are approachable at casino-x.com, it contains not only a great number of brightly colored and masterfully painted symbols, but also a few special options designed in order to significantly boost players’ progress and benefit them with loads of costly prizes!

    This five-reels slot with twenty-five fixed paylines belongs to the ‘So Much Stuff’ series of online casino slots. A weird picture of a giant eyeball serves as a Scatter symbol, whereas a game’s logo represents a Wild symbol. Higher symbols are depicted as different weird and funny creatures, such as a scarlet tropical frog with giant horns, a multi-eyed yellow monster, a green one-eyed worm, a violet bird and a blue squirrel with giant teeth. A background, which is painted in stylish black and blue colors, represents a giant curtain that hides this funny little zoo park.

    Extra features and free spins

    Just like virtually all modern online slots and free slots on casino-x.com that deserve their distinguished place amid the brightest and most beneficial products of the innovated online gambling industry, this classy slot machine contains a few modifications of the famous Free Slot option. According to the color of previously triggered monster’s icon you can activate one special option from the list:

    • Red Monster bestows online casino visitors eight free spins.
    • Yellow Monster rewards gamblers with ten spins for free.
    • Green Monster allows players to obtain twelve free spins along with an exclusive multiplier!
    • Violet Monster proposes gamblers fourteen free spins and extra Wild symbols.
    • Blue Monster presents gamblers sixteen free spins and additional Scatter symbols!