One of the common casino games played by the people is Blackjack. The online casino gaming experts have introduced several blackjack games with a bit different game rules. One such wonderful modification in Blackjack produced by the renowned name Microgaming, is Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold. The players can adjust the speed of the game according to their ability to play and make different combination. The players who have an experience of playing blackjack are really going to enjoy Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold.

    Major highlights of Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

    Though the game, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold is a bit modified, the rules are similar to Blackjack where the players are required to score 21 in order to win. If he is not able to get this score, he needs to defeat the dealer by scoring a higher value than the total value of the dealer card or score a lesser value while the other party busts.

    The game is played using the standard card denomination from 2 to Ace and the cards are shuffled randomly after every round. The players have several options like doubling, splitting etc. so as to win the deal. The players can split a maximum of three times. Adopting a mix of strategies i.e., double and split is going to help the players in making the highest hit and earning maximum profits.

    Understanding the rules and strategies of Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold will help players to stand in the game. Players can easily get access to the strategy guide online which can help them to clear all bets. They also need to know about the wagering limits so as to enhance their earning potential. The newbie’s can place 1 minimum bet if they do not wish to lose their investment while those who are confident enough about their gameplay can place 200 maximum bet.