Through Space Evader, players can check their reflexes, concentration and spatial knowledge. Space Evader is surely an exciting game to play, and offers a chance to win ten different amounts of jackpot!

    How the game is played

    In this game, a humanoid astronaut must navigate back to the safety of his space ship. Separating him and the aircraft is a field with multiplier symbol, safe spaces and a symbol with skull and crossbones. The player must roll a dice, which decides how many spaces the space explorer should move. Landing on a multiplier field, the amount wagered by the player will be multiplied as many times as indicated. The safe spaces give the player another chance to roll the dice, while the skull symbol means the game is over. The player gets eight chances to roll the dice and clear the space that lies between the astronaut and his aircraft.

    What players stand to win

    Players must decide how much money they want to wager on the game, staying within the 0.5 minimum bet and 10 maximum bet limit. Then, once the game begins, there is a chance to win anything from 2x to 25,000x of the amount wagered.

    A simple yet exciting game

    For those who trust their luck and also want to stay away from the complexity of paylines as found in other slot machine games, Space Evader will be just the right pick. There are no reels to spin and no combination making to worry about. What is more, the game is thoroughly enjoyable, thanks to the great graphics, the animated effects and the nice background music.

    Where to play the game

    Players should have no difficulty in finding avenues to play Space Evader. Many casinos, in fact, offer 2000 free credits for playing this Microgaming game. It offers great chances to win, and plenty of thrills.