This interface of Slam Funk is very colourful and creative as usual with this developer. For players who want a break from slot machine games and want some instant wins, Slam Funk is most definitely a great alternative.

    How the game can be played

    Before the game begins, players must choose their wager. This can be anything in the range of the 0.5 minimum bet and 10 maximum bet limit. Once this is done, the game begins. The players can choose to scratch the cards on the screen one by one, or use the 'Reveal All' option to see all of them at once. A prize is won when the player achieves a combination of three similar symbols adjacent to each other on the board. There are six different game symbol types, and each offers a different multiplier.

    Prizes to be won

    Three or more of the same symbols next to each other mean the player has won. Depending on the symbol, the original bet will be multiplied certain times. The multiplier ranges from just 1x of the bet to 250x.

    A fun game to play!

    Slam Funk not only gives players a chance to win big prizes, it is also an engaging game to play. The developer never does let down players, and always has creative and quirky elements in all their games. In this one, for example, it is amusing how the symbols are characters from the disco era, holding a basketball or a mirror ball. Each character even has a signature background music, all of its own.

    Where to play the game

    All casinos that offer games from the developer's list offer Slam Funk among their collection too. The game will be listed under scratch card games, which have no reels to spin and no paylines to bet on. In selected casinos, players even receive 2000 free credits for playing this game. So, for all players who feel lucky, this is the perfect game to bet on!