Players who are looking to take a break from slot machine games can try their luck in this superbly well-made game called Six Shooter Looter Big wins are possible, and the game play in Six Shooter Looter is fascinating to watch, too.

    How to play the game

    First, players playing the game must choose what they want to bet. This can be anything from the 0.5 minimum bet to the 10 maximum bet. Once the game begins, players must roll a dice to find out how many spaces the hero of the game, a cowboy, must move on the board. There are three kinds of spaces on the board. First, there are safe spaces, and landing on these, the player gets another chance to roll the dice. Second, there are multiplier spaces marked with a gold coin, which carry a number that tells by what factor the original bet is to be multiplied. Finally, there are spaces marked with a horned skull: if players end up on these, the game is over.

    How a win is made

    Unlike slot games, where players have to spin reels and achieve a combination of symbols, in Six Shooter Looter, prizes are won because of the ever-increasing multipliers on the board. The first multiplier that a player can reach has a value of 2x times the original bet. The final multiplier carries the biggest prize, and is worth 25,000 times the original wager!

    Where to play the game

    Most casinos offer Six Shooter Looter for play, among many other games of the same genre. There is even a 2000 free credits bonus being offered by many casinos on such games, and players should definitely cash in on this. With its fast-paced game play, good graphics and animation, and well-suited background music and sound effects, this game is certainly a treat to play. This is made even better by the fact that one can win huge prizes very easily by playing this game.