Premier Roulette is a great roulette game for everyone. Made by Microgaming, the navigation across the board is easier to process. Also, the new layout of the playing field gives more ways to access the operating buttons. The main highlight of the Premier Roulette game is the option to customize and change the layouts. Now, players have the control to bet on combination, and win great prizes that the game offers.

    Premier Roulette – How To Play This Amazing Roulette Game

    The Premier Roulette game has two wheel colors. Players can now choose either the black or the brown color of the reel. This gives freedom of customization, and they can likewise customize the one "zero" sector of the game. The game also has a free spin feature. In this feature, players accumulate free spins to enhance their chances of winning. They will also be awarded with 800 free game credits.

    For starting players, a 1 minimum bet can be chosen just to know how the game must be played. Then, they can work their way up and put a wager as much as 200 maximum bet. Indeed, Premier Roulette is a great roulette game that can cater to players of all levels. The game works by placing a bet on numbers between 0-36. The amount of prizes players could win depend on how much they bet.

    Players can also restart the game if they want to begin a new roulette match. But first, they have to clear all bets. This is important to avoid confusions of the wagers from the previous rounds. In terms of the visuals, customization and ease of usage, Premier Roulette is one of the best roulette games for everyone.