Plunder the Sea is an amusing and pleasant game based on the scratch of cards. Avid players know that the developer is known for making really good games, and Plunder the Sea will not disappoint them in any way.

    How the game can be played

    As with any other betting game, players begin with placing their bets. These can be anything within the given range of 0.5 minimum bet and 10 maximum bet. Once this is done, six bubbles appear on the screen. The player must pop these bubbles to reveal what is inside them. Three of the same symbols make a win. Those who are more impatient can also choose to pop all the bubbles with one click. In Plunder the Sea, there are two games to play: apart from popping the six bubbles, players also get to pop a bubble that contains a treasure chest. In this chest, they may find one more prize, adding to what they may have already won.

    The prizes

    The bubbles that are popped contain icons suited to the theme, such as an ell, shrimp, killer whale etc. Each symbol carries a certain multiplier value. When three symbols of the same type are found in a combination, the original bet is multiplied by the value the symbols carry. The treasure also contains prizes.

    The interface of the game

    Plunder the Sea is certainly a delight to play, with its cute underwater icons, and apt music and sound effects. The sea theme background is also beautifully rendered, as is expected from games produced by Microgaming.

    Where to play the game

    Most online casinos that offer slot machine games where players must spin reels, also offer more straightforward and quickly played scratch cards game. 2000 free credits are also provided on playing such games, especially for new players, which is why avid players definitely should try this one to win big cash prizes.