Pharaoh's Gems is an online casino game developed by Microgaming. It has an Egyptian theme as it is set in pharaoh’s tomb. It involves playing through scratch cards which are used to play three games. Pharaoh's Gems with three stages offers players lots of chances to win.

    Pharaoh's Gems - Enjoy Rewards On Three Different Stages

    The first game contains a treasure chest. Players are to open it and the jewel present inside contains a reward which is 500 times the wager placed by the player. The second game involves exploring a win symbol and matching it with any of the symbols contained in the three urns. If any of the urns contain the win symbol, the gamer wins a jackpot worth 2000 times his bet. The third game gives the greatest chance to players, as it involves encountering Pharaoh himself.

    The winning symbols include artifacts like the pharaoh's ring, a copper pitcher, sapphires and other exotic treasures. There is a 10 maximum bet which is satisfying, since the multipliers are very high and a 0.5 minimum bet so that a player can also win an immense prize with a small wager.

    There are 2000 free credits available on sign up and the jackpots are quick and straight. It does not involve a spin; hence it leads to a more direct win. The slot machine is quite simple, yet provides a unique and classic gambling experience. However, a combination of three stages, each ascending to greater reward, makes the game simplistic and there are less random bingo moments, as many regular gamblers would say. So, try out money at the pharaoh’s tomb and it is a bet that players will definitely not leave without some treasures at hand on Pharaoh's Gems!