Avid players know the developers well, and have high expectations from them. Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo Gold certainly will not disappoint any player! Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo Gold is considered to be the ultimate in casino gambling.

    What makes the game different

    All of the standard game rules of blackjack apply to this game, and there is a card denomination from 2 to Ace, as usual. The ace card count as 10, which again is nothing new. The difference is in how side bets are made available. There are three kinds of side bets that a player can wager in Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo Gold . As the name of the game suggests, two of these bets are called Hi and Lo. The Hi bet is placed on the possibility that the card total will be above 13. The Lo bet is placed on the possibility that a player thinks the value will be less than 13: that is, between 2 and 12. Finally, there is a bet that the total of two cards in a combination will be exactly equal to 13, isn't this interesting?

    How the game is played

    In Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo Gold, before players can get to the side bets, they must bet in regular blackjack fashion. What is different is that players can even clear all bets and place wagers on all side bets at the very same time. Further, if there is a deal of 11 cards to a hand, players must stand: this means, they cannot hit. That is, they may not take any more cards. Another usual rule that applies is about doubling: a player may choose to double their bet after being dealt two cards. On the developer's online version of the game, there is a 1 minimum bet for starters and when the need to increase winnings occur, we have the 200 maximum bet.

    Where to play the game

    A lot of online casinos will give players the chance to play Premier Blackjack Hi-Lo Gold in which they must beat the dealer and stay within a card sum of 21. Players must read reviews from independent sources to choose casinos which are trustworthy, though.