Offside and Seek is a football-themed online casino game. It is another development by Microgaming, amongst all of its other outstanding themed gambling games. Offside and Seek contains two games entangled together, so there are two chances for a jackpot.

    Offside and Seek - An online Casino Fun for Soccer lovers

    The first game is a typical scratch card game with six panels. Each panel contains a soccer player behind it with a different value of multiplier. It can range from 2 times the players’ wager to 10000 times. Three of the footballers out of six need to matched in order for the gamer to win the prize which will be multiplied according the worth of the matching soccer player.

    The second game involves scoring a goal. The worth prize is revealed in a cashlot and the player needs to score goals before these can be won. However, keep in mind that there are several out of play and scoring chances.

    A combination of two games; one based on lottery and another on chance, works in maintaining the players’ interest while also offering him a special gambling experience. Moreover, it also offers 2000 free credits which is obviously something to look out for.

    There is a 0.5 minimum bet which ascends along with an increase in the chance of winning a higher reward of up to 10,000 times with a 10 maximum bet.

    Besides gamers who find a soccer setting appealing, it might appear unexciting to other players. Despite, its lottery style which might create an endless intrigue, the absence of an exciting spin might be felt by a taunch gambler. Football games undoubtedly capture the interest of many. Coupled with an immense bonus for one’s money, offside and seek is likely to hook the players’ attention at this slot machine for hours!