Mumbai Magic is designed in a way to take the player to the world of fun and entertainment where the player has greater chances to win wonderful prizes with spending quite low as 0.5 minimum bet. To better the winning experience one can opt for the 10 maximum bet. Whatever the player wins out of the amazing Mumbai Magic rewards, it will be added after multiplying with the bet amount and a number of matched items.

    Mumbai Magic - A Bollywood Themed Online Casino Game

    Player will see a lovely psychic holding a magic crystal in his/her hands. The lovely princess bestows the player with celebrity themed symbols even those which were themed after the Oscar winners. To get awarded with amazing prizes, player has to make the winning combination of at least two alike symbols out of the eight in total. Each of the symbols on this slot machine has its unique multiplying value. Winner will be awarded with 2000 free credits when the match is of two actors while each of the them is blue suited. When the match is for the film clapperboard, reward will be 1000x the original bet.

    Many online casinos provide the opportunity to get skilled for this no spin game. Gamblers are also given the opportunity to get the benefit of their skills to earn real money by placing a bet with real cash. Traditional sitar music, beautiful graphics, awe-inspiring rewards and much more contribute towards the popularity of the Mumbai Magic. All this is quite enough to make the player crazy to win and more rewards without getting exhausted even after several hours of playing. It is a game to bet big for the sake of winning big.