Microgaming has introduced this casino game, Bill and Ted's bogus Journey, with eye catching visuals, ear pleasing sound effects and an intact software infrastructure to make it certain that the players enjoy a safe experience of playing. Bill and Ted's bogus Journey has featured the characters from the film: Mr. Death, robot, De Nomolos and above all the Bill and Ted symbols are the real fun providing characters.

    Game is quite easy to play for the beginners. The beginner will most likely master all the skills in no time, for winning the bonuses. Visuals are hair raising but no need to get scared of anything because the player has the motive of being a winner of the game not merely enjoying the 3d effects.

    How To Play The Game

    No reels and no lines are there for this pay table game. 10 is the maximum bet while 0.5 is the minimum bet. Bill and Ted's bogus Journey starts with the purchase of new card to scratch. Player will see the nine symbols on the card, as he scratches the nine spots on it. All the player needs for winning is to make a combination of three symbols.

    A lot of online casinos welcome the casino game players to get entertained with this rewarding and devilishly pleasing fun for play. Once a person starts playing the game, he finds himself irresistible to this game with player friendly interface. Players keep on buying and scratching new cards to match the rewarding symbols. Consequently, the game player gets a lot of prizes and bonuses. For those who think that the Bill and Ted's bogus Journey was fascinating, this game is a must to play.