Hairy Fairies game has simple rules to follow. Once players select their bet, they can start a new game. As soon as the game begins, 12 fairies will start to fly across the screen and the players will have to click on 9 of them to match up three fairies to win. Players can spin them one at a time or they can also make use of the ‘reveal all’ button to display all of them at once. Hairy Fairies is a game that is easy to learn with amusing animations.

    Hairy Fairies – Let Giggling Fairies Bring Big Wins

    The first thing a gamer will have to do is to select the amount he would like to bet and the game offers the chance to place 10 maximum bet. The bet can be chosen by clicking on the increase or decrease button in hairy fairies. These buttons can be found in the left bottom corner to select the amount, where 0.5 minimum bet can be placed. The total number of credits that can be won relies on the bet amount selected multiplied by the value won. There are 2000 free credits in total and this scratch card game has a well-designed interface.

    Fairies in the form of thick men in T-shirts and stretched worn sweatpants will be roaming in the game screen and when each of them is clicked, they will whisk their wands and will let out a shower of sparks for revealing the amount won by the gamer. Players can get 2500 max win when three similar fairies are brought in a line. Next to this highest win, the second highest is 100X the bet when a winning combination is achieved.

    Players can find 6 different prize values and this game is from the giant maker Microgaming. The amount bet and the symbols matched up will decide the final prize won by gamers in this slot machine game. Players can find a win box on the bottom right corner of the interface, which will display the details about the cashlot won.