Game Set and Scratch is a tennis-themed scratch card game. Made by Microgaming, this game will let players win up to 20,000x their initial bets. The game has no reels, so every player is ensured to get a fast-paced action in every round. This no lines game has a smooth gameplay along with stunning graphics to keep players stuck in their seats. Indeed, Game Set and Scratch is a great slot game for everyone. Hit the tennis ball and start accumulating lucrative winnings.

    Game Set and Scratch And How Everyone Can Earn Huge Cash From It

    This slot machine game will award lucky players with great winnings. In fact, they can get a 10000 max win if they scratch a huge-winning card. The goal of Game Set and Scratch is to scratch the card with the use of a virtual coin. Players have to scratch to reveal a tennis player. Up to six tennis players can be scratched. The first match of the game will let players scratch three tennis pros. They can collect as much as 10,000x their original bets.

    However, players must know that the prizes they can win depend on the amount of their bets. For starters, a 0.5 minimum bet can be placed. Once they know how this Game Set and Scratch works, they can raise their wagers up to 10 maximum bet. They can view payout of the game to know if they can win huge money.

    This game is a combination of the luck and skills of players. They must select the cards then let luck help them get big cash. Though this game has no free spin feature, players can still have the opportunity to obtain 2000 free credits if they trigger the final winning round. In this round, players can win a whopping 20,000x their bets. Overall, for players who want to have easy winnings along with loads of fun, playing Game Set and Scratch is a must.