Foamy Fortunes is a profitable, fun, new game from Microgaming. Foamy Fortunes is a scratch card game featuring no reels and no lines. Instead, players find themselves facing a playing field full of bubbles and foam when the game begins.

    How the game is played

    The players get to decide amount of money that they want to wager, between a 0.5 minimum bet for starters and when the need to increase earning arises, there is the 10 maximum bet limit. Next, they click on bubbles to pop them. These bubbles reveal the multiplier that the player has achieved. For winning the prize, players must reach a combination of three multipliers. Letting players reminisce of their childhood, some bubble contain rubber ducks. If a player pops three bubbles with rubber ducks in them, the game is over.

    What to look forward to

    Players who want to experience a simple, straightforward video slot should definitely play Foamy Fortunes. Apart from the 10000 max win, it surely cannot hurt that the game is well-designed and has good graphics. Popping the bubbles one by one can prove soothing for some, not to mention exhilarating, when a win is made. For others, there is an option to pop all the bubbles at once, if you are the kind that doesn't like to wait.

    Where to play the game

    Most casinos online offer games with reel spin or scratch card games, but it is fairly easy to find a good casino online to play Foamy Fortunes at. As an addition, some even offer 2000 free credits or more to get players started with such games. With a big cashlot to win, it can be tempting to play at any casino that promises free credits. However, it is best to play only at casinos which have a good reputation and are well-known. Players ought to check licenses of casinos before they decide to spend money there, and should also read reviews to know for sure that they are betting their money at the right place.