Like other games in this series, double exposure gold is definitely worth playing, and can make for many hours of addictive gambling online. Double Exposure Gold is just like blackjack, but with some twists and changes that make it interesting.

    Playing the game.

    As is fundamental to blackjack, the objective of the player is to beat the dealer's hand, while not exceeding 21. The card denominations from 2 to Ace are normal, too. What makes double exposure gold different is that when the dealer does deal cards, his cards are placed face up on the table, letting the player see them. Knowing what cards the opponent has, lets players choose wisely when they click to place bets on the hand. There is also a slight modification of standard blackjack game rules in other ways: for example, if a tie happens with both players possessing an Ace and Face card totalling up to twenty-one, the player wins.

    A convenient game to play

    Apart from being an interesting variation of the game, this version is also very convenient to play. With a simple click, players can choose to take a hit, or to clear bet from the previous hand. They can also quickly rebet the same amount as on a previous hand. These time-saving features are good for those who are looking to win big and want to play as many hands as possible in a short time. With a 1 minimum bet and a 200 maximum bet, there is certainly a chance to multiply original wagers many times over.

    Where to play the game

    Like other games from the developer, all reputed casinos online offer double exposure gold to their users. Some even offer 2000 free game credits on playing the game. The free versions that can be played online, help novices learn about the game. The graphics, sound effects are good and realistic, reminding a player of a real casino.