There are many good reasons for recommending Dawn of the Bread, some of them are the fascinating interface, and of course, a chance to win lots of money. Players who love slot machine games and any kind of video slot games would do well to try Dawn of the Bread, too.

    The interface of the game

    The foreground of Dawn of the Bread is littered with crawling spiders, eyeballs and other ghastly graphics. The playing field itself features a mad baker, who offers baked goods to the player. The background music and sound effects are very much in keeping with the creepy theme, too.

    Game play

    Players first choose the amount of money they want to wager. This can be anything in between the 0.5 minimum bet and 10 maximum bet limit. Next, they begin to click on the baked goods that appear on the screen to reveal symbols contained within. A combination of three similar symbols is required for the players to be able to claim the prize. In case players do not win in one go, they can always click on a new card symbol to begin again.

    A good game for everyone

    There is a huge prize to be won in this game, with the eyeball being the jackpot symbol and giving the player a reward 10,000 times the original wager. Both experienced and new players will like game a lot. Unlike other casino games, this one is very straightforward, having no reels to spin and no lines to bet on, and requiring only that players scratch cards. Microgaming have surpassed in this one for sure.

    Where to play the game

    Free versions of Dawn of the Bread are easily available online to let players get a feel for the game before playing for real money. What is more, there are many casinos which offer up to 2000 free credits: with the jackpot of the game, this is easily convertible into a huge prize.