Crypt Crusade is a game where one can place the bets and watch the explorer reach the jackpot. The player places a 0.5 minimum bet and he spins to get the number of steps and continue with the game. The only down-side to Crypt Crusade is, once you step on the skull danger sign, your game is over so you have a 1/3rd chance of losing on your first try. But that is the fun of placing your bet, spin and watch your luck evolve. And when it comes with a rush of adrenaline as your explorer tries to get to the jackpot, it automatically becomes a sought after adventure game!

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    There are a number of reasons why this game stands out from the rest of the casino games out there. It has no reels, and you can place 10 maximum bet with the possibility of winning 2000 free credits. Experts have complimented Microgaming for this game with no lines and smooth graphics, exciting and challenging rules of the game, real time money and slot machine. You can play this free casino game in any of the casino websites and whenever you feel like experiencing an equal dose of adventure and the adrenaline after gambling, then this is the ultimate game for you!

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    Crypt Crusade is a game with super features and a reseacher who needs to get to the treasure chest in the game without stepping on the danger sign. It is awesome and engaging without a doubt. This game is a combination of precision, luck, jackpots, and when you include a mummy, nothing should stop any real avid gambler from trying their luck with Crypt Crusade.