Well liked casino game, Bunny Boiler has been upgraded by Microgaming and now Bunny Boiler Gold has been introduced with more exciting features and more awe-inspiring rewards. Completely revised sound effects and visuals add a novel feel to this online slot machine and make the interface gamer friendly. For Bunny Boiler Gold, player finds 0.5 minimum bet and 10 maximum bet.

    Bunny Boiler Gold - How To Succeed

    Just like the previous version of Bunny Boiler, this game has no reels and no lines. Players will have to guide the cute rabbit through an underground tunnel and let him reach his hollow. As soon as the rabbit reaches his destination, the player will be awarded with exciting prizes. If the player succeeds in preventing the little rabbit from stew pots then he/she can enjoy 9000 maximum win, with quite ease. No need to make the tricky winning combination to view payout of the game. Player enjoys the cashlot simply moving the rabbit to its destination safely and soundly.

    This game is one of a kind though it resembles the all time favorite board games. It is a break for the players from the customary casino games. Gamer can spin the dice and the bunny will hop through the game fields. No doubt the gamblers play the game to earn rewards but if there is no cash or prize on the line, game is still a great entertainment for the player.

    There are so many online casinos to entertain the gamblers with real casino fun. Players can head over to any of these microgaming supported casinos to try winning rewards with Bunny Boiler Gold. Just like any other casino game free bonuses are the added attraction for gamers and one can enjoy 2000 free credits easily. Players must play the game irrespective of the fact that they don't like the rabbits on their plate.