It is a Microgaming slot which involves the player to roll dice instead of spin and a floppy rabbit hops across a maze. The bunny boiler, as directed by the number on the dice, hops across the maze for the payouts.There are coins to collect, carrots for the bunny boiler to gain energy and also booby traps, which the players needs to be careful of. The maze coils in on a jackpot. The players are likely to keep playing repeatedly with an intrigue of making it to the end of the maze without being blown by a ticker bomb.

    Betting in Bunny Boiler

    There are 10 maximum bet and 0.5 minimum bet. There is a 9000 maximum win and players can win up to 2000 free credits. The interface largely consists of an underground maze in 3d. The players can view payout on the bottom left of the screen under the heading ‘STAKE’. Another attraction is that this game contains coins which can be won worth 400x multiplier.

    The winnings are instant and the game pattern is out of the usual. However, for avid gamblers who play several casino games, Bunny Boiler contains less bonuses and features. There are comparatively less winning chances since there is a dice instead of reels. An absence of spinning, though makes it unique and does not instill a pure gambling effect. Nevertheless, it does have a board game feel to it and the player will only choose it if he welcomes the new style.

    Players, who want to revive their childhood gaming memories along with playing for real money, are sure to find bunny boiler a pleasing option!