Aces and Eights is an amazing video poker game, which gives the player the satisfaction of playing online casino with a real feel of one's comfort zone. With the right strategy and technique, players can win the game and get huge payouts. Aces and Eights begin with the dealer that is the machine dealing out 5 cards to the player. These are card denomination from 2 to Ace and the player can choose the card that needs to be kept on hold or discard. The player can place a 0.25 minimum bet which can go up to 25 maximum bet. If the player is not satisfied with their hand, they can start over by pressing the clear all bets option.

    Brilliant payouts make the game more intriguing

    The rules for winning are pretty simple. In order to win the final hand, the player has to have a twosome Jacks or better. The player can get up to 400 times the amount of their stake and added bonuses if they have four of a kind eights! There are extra 250X multipliers if the player’s hand has four eights and 100X multipliers if they have aces or sevens. The more the player bets, the chances of winning increase as well. In Aces and Eights, if the player has a full house which is 3 of a kind plus a pair, they have a good chance of winning many times the original amount.

    Play poker with added excitement

    The games by river belle can be accessed by the players on Microgaming websites where they have the chance of getting 2000 free game credits. For players who are looking for some serious gambling entertainment with good chances of winning, Aces and Eights is the ultimate game. Casino lovers looking for poker games should waste no time trying their luck in this game, which is a combination of productive gambling and entertainment.