If you are into online casino gaming, you might surely be looking forward to try some new games introduced by the renowned brands like Microgaming. An exciting video slot machine introduced by the brand is Pharaoh Bingo. This game is designed based on the theme of ancient Egyptian civilization with a pharaoh who stands as a guard of bingo balls. Pharaoh Bingo is a bit different from the others as it has no lines. You will see that the slot is designed with a pharaoh head in the center and 4 cards arranged on either side. In order to win huge payouts, you are required to make certain pattern of combination displayed on top. If you are able to create a perfect pattern using the first thirty balls, you can earn 10000 max Win.

    Amazing payouts at Pharaoh Bingo

    You can play all the cards in Pharaoh Bingo at a time using 60 balls. There are no reels involved and you just need to use the balls to make the combinations. In order to start the game, the players are first required to select their wager. The players can start to play with 0.1 Minimum Bet and look forward to reap some amazing payouts. The limit of wagering is fixed to 40 Maximum Bet.

    As soon as you start playing Pharaoh Bingo, a siren rings and a total of 30 balls start rolling down from both sides of the pharaoh’s head. You need to use the balls to make the specified combinations and can earn attractive bonuses and 2000 free credits.

    Pharaoh Bingo is an exciting game with an Egyptian touch. It has nothing to do with the spin like other games. The players can play this online for free and make huge earnings investing their funds in it.