Meet the glorious Paradise Found slot

    Here goes another Asian adventure-themed exemplar of slot machines machines presented us by Microgaming. The reels of this game are set against a Himalayan backdrop while other elements of the interface conceal many a mystical prize at All fanciers of online slots are welcome to find both spiritual and financial enlightenment in this outrageously beautiful slot machine named Paradise Found!

    How exactly Paradise Found works

    All the intrepid adventurers of free slots at will find this game heavily laden with amazing features and symbols. Thus, a yellow lotus flower here functions as the Scatter Symbol and helps you scoop some more greenbacks with the Wild Lotus bonus. Believe it or not, but almost every spin in this game brings exciting moments aplenty and generate literally dozens of cash gifts. The lucrative and shocking features are as follows:

    • the Wild Lotus Bonus. As it has been already said, the lover of illustrious casino games only needs to set the lotus flower wild on any reel they want and the great mystery will begin. Surely, that’s where Paradise Found grants us absolutely unique element of the gameplay: although the rules are not too hard to crack and, finally, all experts of online gambling will receive their prizes in exchange for ten lotus flowers
    • the perfect adjustment for low rollers. Thus, Paradise Found is extremely tolerant to the attempts of the online casino callers to squeeze out something paying nothing. You just need to place the correct symbols on the first and/or fifth reel and you will see literally royal payouts coming directly into your pockets.

    Without a shadow of a doubt, Paradise Found dips the fancier of online casino slots into a soothing soundscape as well as a marvelous and picturesque atmosphere. Splendid and never-to-be-forgotten landscapes will gladden your eye and bear a resemblance to an actual earthly paradise. Therefore, it is sure a perfect opportunity provided you feel like establishing a high stake and breaking the bank. Join many other players in Paradise Found and you will see what real utopia looks like!