Octopays is one of the most popular underwater themed casino slot game launched by the gaming biggies Microgaming. This game is loaded with some extra bonus levels and it also comes with 243 ways to win. Simply try out the various wild features and bonus levels in order to win a sizeable payout from the Octopays game.

    Features and rules of the Octopays

    This game has 5 reels and here, the baby octopus is a wild symbol that is activated only on reel 2, thereby providing you the opportunity to win up to 12 free spin.

    The Octo game also offers an extensive range of coin denominations to place your bet. Here, you can place a 300 maximum bet.

    The bonus wild game appears on the 3rd reel and it also offers some multipliers with the various scatter symbols like the kraken.

    Players who manage to crack the 2nd and 4th reel are awarded 12 free spins in the game. The spins are facilitated with the various scatter icons like the diver's helmet.

    The squid is the game’s wild symbol that will replace any other symbol in the third reel.

    Hammerhead shark is a scatter symbol which has to be operated in various slot combination to create a winning wild spree.

    Octopays lets you earn sizeable jackpot credits with a 30 minimum bet.

    In fact, with innovative themes, realistic graphics and the superb wild and scatter icons like the anchor, squid or helmet; this game is a perfect option for all casino game lovers. Besides that, you can also win a commendable jackpot of 200000 free credits by placing a series of wilds in the 3rd reel.

    All in all, Octopays with its crisp graphics, innumerable wild symbols, and commendable bonus levels turns out to be the perfect slot machine game for all ardent gamers.