As with all other games by the developer, Multi-wheel roulette gold has great graphics and sound effects, and is a thrill to play. Multi-wheel roulette gold is just like roulette but has only one "zero" sector, but offers more fun.

    Basics of the game

    There is a regular betting area and playing field on this game, which players would be familiar with if they have tried roulette before. The game rules are also the same. The system of 'called bets' that is found in French roulette is also present on this game. Besides this, bets can be placed as usual on a colour, a single number, even and odd numbers etc. The payout odds are different for bet on combination types of various kinds. That is, on winning when placing a bet on a single number, the prize received will be large compared to the original wager. However, winning with a guess regarding even or odd numbers or a similar large arrangement of numbers, will result in a prize that is a little over the amount wagered.

    What makes the game different

    It is just like roulette. The difference is that in one go, players can choose to activate up to eight roulette wheels when playing Multi-wheel roulette gold. This allows them to quickly place bets on a number of tables, simultaneously. Contrary to what players may think at first, this is not confusing at all. The bets are to be placed as usual, but they are placed on eight wheels at once. For players convenience, there is an option to clear all bets quickly before the wheels are spun afresh. Players with budgets in all ranges can play this game, as there is a 1 minimum bet for starters and for those that wish to increase their chances, here is the 100 maximum bet.

    Where to play the game

    All popular casinos online offer Multi-wheel roulette gold as part of their collection. However, players should wager money only at trustworthy casinos.