Microgaming is known for introducing some exciting online casino games with different themes and features. Yet another game introduced under this brand is Mayan Bingo. The game is designed in a South American exhibit with a long staircase that goes to the pinnacle of the pyramid. On the other side of the pyramid, 4 numbered cards are arranged. The players can select the cards as per their choice. This single player slot Machine provides an opportunity to the players to play bingo in an exciting manner. Mayan Bingo is similar to that of traditional bingo and offers great fun.

    Salient facts about Mayan Bingo

    Like other games, you will see that there are no lines. Instead, there are 30 balls in total, of which, you are required to use the first 28 to make winning combination. If you are able to create the pattern as specified, you can win huge jackpots with 50000 max Win amount. In addition to these huge winnings, the players can also earn additional bonuses and 2000 free credits.

    Another important thing that the players should know is the fact that the game allows 0.1 Minimum Bet. You can wager your minimum amount to get huge payouts. There is a limit of maximum bet and the players can place 8 Maximum Bet in the game. Mayan Bingo is totally based on luck and you can test your luck without the need of any spin like in other casino games.

    All you need to do is to make specific patterns and win jackpots. There are no reels in the game and it is very easy and exciting to play. Mayan Bingo is one of the most relishing games with a 3d effect and can be played online for free.