The Max Damage And The Alien Attack is an online casino game introduced by Microgaming. It is an arcade game which is very interesting and thrilling to play. This online slot machine is designed in the form of a battle where the player is required to control his spaceship and destroy the ships of the alien. Max Damage And The Alien Attack is a simple yet very exciting and action packed game that is greatly loved by the players.

    Gameplay of Max Damage And The Alien Attack

    The Max Damage And The Alien Attack game is divided into a total of 9 levels and after successful completion of each level, the player gets huge rewards. In order to complete these 9 levels the players are provided 6 lives. Additional bonuses and health can be gained with the succeeding levels and jackpots can be won by placing 10 maximum bet. During the gameplay, you can get surprises in the form of upgraded weapons, rockets, coins etc. by grabbing the falling objects from ships.

    In order to win each level and move ahead to kill the bosses, you are required to control the spacecraft perfectly. The winnings in this game are based on your efficiency instead of spin that is completely based on luck. Several other casino games that require making of a particular combination also involve a certain amount of luck for winning.

    When it comes to earning profits, you are required to know the betting range. The wagering starts with 0.5 minimum bet. With excellent performance in the game the players can get an opportunity to earn maximum 2000 free credits.

    Max Damage And The Alien Attack is designed with excellent graphics and background sound that make it an interesting game to play. It offers 1110000 max Win with exciting freebies and bonuses.