There is a wide variety of games in online casino gaming and a new game with a different theme is introduced every now and then. Keno is another addition from the reputed brand name Microgaming in the online casino world. The game is based on a bingo or lottery theme that allows you to test your luck and 1000 max win. The gameplay of Keno is exciting and this online slot game is easy to play with simple and easy to understand rules.

    Instructions for playing Keno

    In order to play this online slot machine game, the players are required to select a card. The card comprises of field with numbers that start from 1 and end at 80. The players are required to select 10 numbers from the numbers displayed on the card. After you make your selection, some balls having numbers on them are rolled in randomly. If the number on the ball and the number you selected match, you win and get rewards. You are not required to spin neither you are required to make any combination. All you need to do is to select your lucky number and look forward to win bets as there are no lines and reels to make combinations.

    The players can place 1 minimum bet at a time and if they wish to maximize their earnings, they can place 10 maximum bet. Continuous winnings of the bet in the game of Keno can entitle you to 2000 free credits using which you can win exciting jackpots. Keno is an exciting game that has no reels and all you need to do is select a number and test your luck.