Jason and the Golden Fleece at casino-x.com

    Sometimes, even the story dating back to the Ancient Greeks can remain as fresh and invigorating as the one that has been taken away from the assembly belt. It has to be said that guys from Microgaming are an old hand at making and decorating slot machines, which means the designers of Jason and the Golden Fleece also cannot be easily abashed. All-in-all, we have provided ourselves with this fabulous masterpiece, which makes a great addition to our little kingdom of online casino slots at casino-x.com.

    Join the crew of the online casino Argonauts

    Apart from various colorful nuances of this game, it features all the main characters of the epic as well as all the places they are to visit, namely: Crete, Iolcus, Colchis, Symplegades, Sirenium and Mysia. The true-hearted aficionado of online slots will also see Chiron, Jason and Medea as the higher values while the bonus symbols are represented by the Jason and the Golden Fleece logo (which is the combined Scatter/Wild symbol) and the Fleece that bears the function of the Scatter Symbol.

    The latter is capable of placing at your disposal the level, which is known by the name of Jason’s Journey and offers you the following bonuses:

    • the Symplegades Shipwreck Bonus gives you a doubled opportunity to exchange the items kept during the round for some bigger prizes
    • the Colchis Potion Bonus is an extra game that requires you to mix the potion and narcotize the dragon – the longer the beast sleeps the bigger the cash bonus
    • the Iolcus Shield Bonus – find your prizes hidden behind twelve shields
    • the Sirenum Card Bonus allows the lover of casino games to collect an additional card with an eye for an extra bonus
    • the Crete Wheel Bonus recreates the famous Wheel of Fortune that can be met in many free slots. It is named as the Wheel of Talos and serves as a powerful source of rewards
    • the Mysia Harpy Bonus is an extension to the Jason and the Golden Fleece slot and it offers the expert of online gambling various multipliers provided he or she is able to match four or, probably, more of the same symbols.