Instant Win Card Selector is a unique scratch card game for players of all levels. Developed by Microgaming, this game offers a memorable experience. It has twelve popular scratch cards. Each of the sub-game of the Instant Win Card Selector offers a spectacular gameplay to all the players. This scratch card game has a similar feature like the slot machine game. Both games offer huge payouts for players.

    Instant Win Card Selector And How To Win Big Time On This

    Learning the game is just easy. Instant Win Card Selector offers twelve sub-games all rolled into one gigantic scratch card game. It means that players can have a great time playing this game. One of the games included is the Mumbai Magic, which is a Bollywood-themed game. Players can win big time if they will select the game level suitable to them.

    Another game is the Halloweenies. This is a game with a Halloween theme. It is perfect for players who love vampires and a spooky scratch card game. The Instant Win Card Selector game also has an animal-themed sub-game called Wild Champions. This is ideal for every animal lover. Each of these games will enable players to create a winning combination. This can give them the chance to get as much as 2000 free credits.

    Furthermore, another sub-game is the Racing old ladies. This is a cart-racing themed game with grannies. Players must prepare for the best instant win coming from the ultimate Instant Win Card Selector. They just have to spin their way towards great prizes that this scratch card game offers. Starting wager is 0.5 minimum bet. Players can increase their wagers up to 10 maximum bet to likewise optimize their chances of winning.