Take your tattoo sketches and financial dreams with you to casino-x.com and get plunged into the creative atmosphere of tattoo parlors. Hot Ink allows you to have a reach that exceeds your grasp with the world of ordinary online casino slots; now it’s an absolutely amazing gameplay which has no paylines, just 1,024 shiny ways to get your winnings. Pure and simple winning chances spiced with colorful tattoos and the most delightful prizes that the online gambling industry has ever seen! Artful Luci and Angel will catch your imagination with beautifully styled symbols, such as winged heart and star, four-leaf clovers and horseshoes, flaming dices and cherry-like 8-balls. Also, the great rock’n’roll soundtrack will accompany the players, providing them with even more vivid impressions.

    In case you’re a novice, Hot Ink will guide you and show you the ropes and you won’t need to pay for this game as well as for other free slots. Sure thing, it’s great to practice and learn strategies with the free-of-charge game that offers you literally thousands of ways to become richer. The bonus system in Hot Ink includes the special Bonus, which can be triggered by the appearance of three or more Tattoo Bonus symbols. In what follows you can choose among three tattoo albums and if your selected pictures make up a set, your winnings will be multiplied by two, and you’ll receive ten additional Free Spins. Moreover, this slot machines is capable of increased winning chances as long as you can use re-spins and selective spins trying to rake in a pretty penny.

    Among other online slots at casino-x.com Hot Ink best combines artistic pleasure and thrilling awards. Whether you are interested in casino games that grant large profits or fancy playing for sheer enjoyment, this game is a considerable choice. Its only flaws are the inability to offer you tedious time and the gameplay that is too gripping to tear your eyes off it. However, the more ink you spend the more showy influence you have at our online casino!