Generally, slot machine games require players to match up symbols on the spinning reels for attaining winning combination. But, this game is something different as it has some unique features and the normal rows and columns are arranged in a hexagonal grid. Hexaline has a honeycomb layout, and players will find five columns of alternating five or three colored tiles. The combos formed in Hexaline disappear, thereby providing space for cascading symbols from the top of the screen. The game has the Wild hex, which works like the wild symbol that slot gamers are generally used to.

    Hexaline – A Different Slot Game to Try

    Different colors like blue, red, yellow, green and violet hexagons are arranged on the interface and each of these colourful hexagons hold a specific value. The players can determine the value they wish to bet as they can place 10 maximum bet. They should also determine the color, they wish to bet on, noting that they can place 0.5 minimum bet. The blue color is worth 0.8 coins, green and purple are worth 0.1 coins each, red is worth 0.5 coins, while yellow is worth 0.1 coins. When players spin the play button, the game is activated and the grid will be filled with different colored hexagons randomly. The player should then try to match hexagons of same color in a straight line.

    Once a player has made a noticeable sum in this Microgaming interface, he should keep an eye on what is left. If he can spot three labelled bonus symbols, anywhere on the grid, Gold Trail bonus game will be activated. When the bonus symbol combo is made across the grid, he wins great prizes. The game offers 2000 free credits and if the gamer can find a star symbol during the gold trail game, every prize belongs to him thereafter in Hexaline.